London Winter Run 2017: 10 Km

The run up to this race was fraught with the worst cough I’ve had in the past 5 years. Training was going well considering I only started in earnest just before New Year. Then I had the cough that refused to go away for a week and worsened as we celebrated Chinese New Year. 5 days before the run, I was bedridden for 2 full days with a high fever.

4 of us signed up for this race to support Ms C’s marathon training and I think at least half of us are novice runners.  Race day rolled around and despite not being 100% well, I thought heck, it’s 10km, I’ll be alright plus I didn’t want to miss running with the ladies. It turned out to be a fairly easygoing race, running with Ms K is always a pleasure, she did fantastic considering she’s 5 months pregnant! It was freezing cold at the end of the race… physically my legs felt fine during the race and my breathing was alright until the last 2 kms when I started coughing again in earnest.I also managed 1:13, running pretty slowly at the start. Nothing to shout about (my previous time pre-kids was 57 minutes) but at least I didn’t stop, which was my main aim.

On a high after the race and inspired by Ms C’s dedication to her marathon training, I quickly signed up for my next physical challenge: a 10 mile run end of April! Now, I’m frantically googling for a training programme that would work for me. My main aim is to finish the 10 mile without stopping and without injury. Wish me luck! In case you’re wondering, yes I still hate running!

Let’s just hope I recover fully. One week on the cough virus has still not relinquished its hold on me!


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