Happy Valentine’s Day – 2017

As far back as I can remember, Valentine’s Day was always highly commercialised. The sale of red roses, greeting cards and other red and pink paraphernalia must hit the roof during this time of the year. Restaurants have special Valentine’s Day menus (with corresponding ‘special’ prices) and the good ones get booked out quickly. I admit I was previously sucked into this – there was an expectation of SOMETHING special happening for Valentine’s Day. And if the SPECIAL was not up to my expectations, I would spend the next day being pretty miserable with questions like ‘oh maybe he doesn’t love me enough’ or ‘the spark has gone out of our relationship’ floating in my head. It was ridiculous – why do I wait for that one day a year to figure out if my relationship is headed for the doldrums?

If you’re interested in the different declarations of love across the world, check out this link. It doesn’t seem right that it’s usually about being with someone who bothered to pick out a gift, send you some roses and take you out on a lovely date. There’s just too much pressure to do SOMETHING on Valentine’s Day. And what if you are single? You might feel like smacking some SMUG couples in the face when they boast about their oh-look-we’re-so-romantic V-day (just remember it’s all about perspective) and it’s probably one of the times of the year you suspect you might actually die alone eaten by your Alsatian (a fear that is NOT statistically supported, unless you have a cat). I have been making very little effort with Valentine’s Day in the past few years (could it be I just can’t be arsed? could it be Motherhood? could it be age making it more jaded?) and I have stopped expecting V0 to do anything remotely romantic.

But of course, just when I write off V-day with a sigh of relief (one less date to remember), my husband went and did something that was wholly unexpected.


Personalised Vegan Chocolate Cake from Lola’s

The kids loved the cake (of course who wouldn’t). I personally think cake is hands down better than roses and V0 has inadvertently started a new family tradition for Valentine’s Day. Still a celebration of love. But also a celebration of cake…I mean family. It then dawned on me that as long as the sentiment was there, it was perfectly fine to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Just don’t forget there’s 364 other days in the year to show your love too.

So happy Valentine’s Day to those of you who are being romantic and icky as well as the rest of you who are rolling your eyes at the showyness of it all. To each his/her own!


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