My First Attempt at 10 Miles

I’m convinced that my ability to complete the London Winter Run was a combination of muscle memory and providence. Although H, our resident source of inspiration, got the group of mummies to sign up sometime in autumn last year,  I only started running properly in the new year (which gave me about 4.5 weeks to 5 Feb! eek!!). Not only was my training rather haphazard (I didn’t have a plan per se), it was also cut short by a week of viral illness just before the race.

Running 10 miles is a different story. I know, I know, a lot of other runners have loftier objectives: a marathon, a half-marathon but I am terribly frightened by the increased possibility of injuries! I’ve been plagued with injuries from badminton, netball, basketball in my past life and had shoulder surgery to fix multiple dislocations. My right ankle is permanently ‘skewed’ due to numerous bad sprains. And…I have a weak pelvic floor (oh how childbirth changes (read: screws up) the human body)…really need to do those kegels. So I figured slow and steadyyy…

After celebrating the 10km run, I gave myself a week’s rest – mainly to recover from my illness (I don’t understand how a phlegmy cough can linger for almost a month) and only got back to running 9 days after the race. Yes, I signed up for the 10 miles on the day I finished my 10km, in an attempt to strike while the iron was hot, and that Tuesday, back on the treadmill, I realised “oh sh*t ten miles is *gulp* far, how the heck am I going to run non-stop for TEN MILES”??

I subsequently did some trawling on the internet for programmes which were helpful and unhelpful – you get different programmes from different running websites, but there were some consistent themes across the programmes. I asked H and E, the two good friends I know who are training for long distance races, and far more advanced than I am, so good sources of general guidance and inspiration. Thanks you two! More important than that, I checked that my other half was supportive of my decision to set another running goal. Mainly because I am committing to take an hour at least out of the weekend to run, leaving him alone with the kids. I know an hour doesn’t sound a lot but in alone-with-the-kids-time, it can feel like forever. He wasn’t unsupportive but he wasn’t banging on the drums either – I didn’t take it to heart. We did have a lot on our plates at the moment but if not now, then when?

Here’s my training plan for the next 10 weeks till Race Day on 29th of April (*gulp*). I’m sharing this with you so that I REALLY COMMIT TO THIS. Follow my blog for updates on my baby elephant running shenanigans. I thankfully managed my 3 miles today without much drama (even though I initially thought I should do 4) and I’m glad I started because those self-doubts are creeping in.


I welcome all advice and I NEED some external motivation (I think my internal source is drying up). If you’re training for a run, whether beginner, intermediate or expert, please share your thoughts. If you’re not training for a run, share your thoughts anyway by leaving a comment below!


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