It’s been awhile…

…since we moved into our (unfinished) house.

It’s been hard yards. Especially in the first couple of weeks when all four of us were living in the loft. There was that first night when we didn’t have hot water or central heating – we had to shower the girls in our rented flat (good thing we moved a day earlier!) and bring them back to the loft. There was that first week and a half when we had to trek past an unfnished ground floor and first floor to get to the loft. And we’re into our 4th week without a kitchen and a washing machine.

The girls have been initially a little unsettled with the new sleeping arrangements and I fear this ‘temporary’ phase may end up being irreversible – we now sleep on the floor on 3 mattresses. AND I have to sit with the girls until they fall asleep – sometimes it takes about an hour for them to knock off.

We’ve sent our laundry away using Laundrapp! I can’t recommend it highly enough – a driver picks up your clothes and send them back two days later, clean and neatly folded.

We’ve not unpacked most of our boxes. We eat off disposable plates and bowls and mostly take out or buy microwaveable food. At least I have a mug now for coffee! In one of our first floor rooms, we set up a small food station after the first two weeks – we now have the essentials: distilled water, a mini fridge and a microwave. The girls have their little toddler table and chairs. Varian and I sit on stools and we thankfully unpacked our couch last weekend!

It’s not all bad of course. Financially, we’re no longer in danger of slipping into the red as paying rent AND two mortgages for 6 months wasn’t exactly great for the bottom line. The loft feels spacious and inviting. V did a wonderful job designing the loft shower and his meticulousness has paid off in equal measure. And going by how lovely the first floor has turned out as well, I’m sure the rest of the ground floor is going to be amazing! I hope so!!

The neighbourhood is just as warm and inviting as ever – I’m reminded of how wonderful the families who live on my street actually are. First week back and I was already at a kids’ book party and the week after that, there was a mummiest night out! And it felt good to be back close to Stave Hill and the Russia Dock Woodlands.

Throughout this whole time, I have been very blessed to have kind-hearted and thoughtful friends. Thank you for feeding us home-cooked food or letting us use your washing machine to do our sheets and towels. You’ve made this transition so much easier for us to bear and we’re forever grateful.

I have completely underestimated how much having my own space mattered. Plus I’ve a renewed appreciation for all our basic necessities such as hot water, heating, clean clothes and home cooked food! According to our builder, fingers crossed, we should have our ground floor completed in two weeks time so stay tuned for more updates as I get more of my space AND headspace back.

Now I need to crawl back onto my mattress and get some shuteye before the little ones wake!


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