My First Running Group: The Rotherhithe Runners

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-12 at 21.59.31

Jubilant after a run around Greenland Docks.

A lot has happened in the past few months…my humble running beginnings have morphed into something wonderful. I realised I actually look forward to some of my runs – and a big part of it is down to a group of runners called the Rotherhithe Runners.

Started by two seasoned runners, who happen to be mummies, this group is all about encouraging women to run. Being a mum, I understand how this can be a challenge! You’re tired. You’re giving 120% to your family, to work, to whatever else you’ve got going on in your life. It’s a constant challenge to find time for yourself, let alone find time to put on your running gear and go for a run! What started off as a regular Wednesday night run (after the kids go to bed hopefully!), moved on to early Sunday morning runs and now, we have an additional group session on Tuesday nights.

The benefits are threefold:

1. Safety in numbers – running with your buddies at odd hours, especially during winter months is no longer as dangerous as running alone.

2. Motivation from the group – granted not all runners like to run in a group but being social creatures, most of us prefer the company!

3. Sharing is caring – we learn from each others’ running experiences and share tips, which is especially beneficial for beginners.

As I face my next challenge as a runner – a half marathon on 23 July, I want to thank the founders of this group as they’ve both made my running journey so much more bearable. The enthusiasm and encouragement that both the founders have shown me is priceless and I’m sure other group members echo my sentiment…

Thank you for your time and commitment to this group.

Thank you for running with me (although I’m obviously slowing you down!) and not leaving me behind.

Thank you for pushing me when I needed to be pushed.

It takes a certain degree of selflessness and kindness to do what you do – THANK YOU Charlotte and Hilda for being a friend and helping me be better.

Now, for more #babyelephantrunning,  watch this space!


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