When Did Going Out At Night Become So Tiring?

The crappy thing about pushing 40 is that you’re liable to FEEL tired just thinking about an activity. This same activity would have you hardly breaking a sweat if you were 10 years younger.

I get tired thinking about exercising. I know I should. But I much rather lie here and watch Michael McIntyre on YouTube (he’s hilarious!). Or when a friend asks me out for dinner at a trendy restaurant at 8pm. Nothing wrong with eating at 8pm but these days I eat my kids leftovers at about 630pm. Come to think about it, doing anything at night when the kids have gone to bed has got me dragging my feet.

And this, ladies and gentleman, is how I slowly (or quickly) degrade into a person who doesn’t do anything fun past 6pm. Let’s be honest – a lot of FUN, ADULT stuff happens at night. Because FUN, ADULT stuff can only happen after the kids are asleep. Sure some can take place when kids are awake, but it’s only HALF as fun.

So why don’t I jump up at the chance to do something exciting at night? Because these days if I want to head out at night, I have to spend extra energy and time to organise and plan beforehand. Here are 4 reasons why I’d much rather watch Seinfeld episodes on my chaise lounge rather than head out.

  1. Childcare – It is not just about getting a babysitter or your husband to stay back and watch the kids but making sure that the kids have dinner and get into bed at a decent time (and hoping you can sneak out right after they fall asleep. Time it wrong and there will be hell to pay in the form of crying and I-Want-Mummys).
  2. Attire – My mummy slouchy trousers and grungy t-shirt will not cut it for night time activities. Same goes for my work clothing. So there’s the outfit to consider and the right bra! How many mums have stopped wearing underwire, push-up bras since they got pregnant? I’m definitely one of them.
  3. Stamina – I recall my youthful days when I could have a nice dinner at 7pm, watch a movie and then head out to party all night till 5 in the morning. These nights if I make it to 11:01 pm, I consider the night a raging success.
  4. The Aftermath – When you’re young and childless, staying up too late, drinking too much or partying too hard the night before has little or no impact on your life the next day. When your toddler wakes up at 5am and wants a poo, she’s not going to let you sleep just because you had one too many Cosmopolitans last night. Plus, because I’m pushing 40, boy oh boy DO I FEEL ROUGH the next day!!

Having said that, I recently went out with some girlfriends for some drinks and dancing and we had a whale of a time. Plus we were asked for our IDs, which is ALWAYS good for the ego (albeit a little embarassing when the bouncer proceeds to call the OTHER bouncer to have a look at the year on your driving license). We made it past 1am and went into 3 separate locations to boot! The laughs and giggles throughout, the serious and completely silly conversations…at the end of the day, there is only ONE overarching factor that makes it worth the pain of heading out at night, at my age: FRIENDS.


HooverLover, L’Innocent & Yours Truly on our last night out

Age (and tiredness) be damned. When’s the next night out???


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