Highschool reminiscing…

…can be a dangerous activity when undertaken alone. However, if you have say, a few friends who are doing this with you, then it can be thoroughly enjoyable.

I recall feeling like I didn’t quite fit in. I wasn’t able to categorically declare myself part of a particular ‘genre’ of high school goers but as a close friend pointed out recently, that’s probably because I had more than a group of friends. Nevertheless, I did feel a bit of a misfit (I still do). I wasn’t quite smart enough or sporty enough or cool enough. Fast forward 23 (!!!) years later, I realised I still don’t fit in. Here’s the kicker, after many years, I have come to accept that I never wanted to fit in. Fitting in meant changing who I am to be part of something else.

I want to be me, but I want to be just enough, I want to be just right, I want to belong.

No feelings of inadequacies or insecurities. Just knowing that no matter what, I am not just accepted, but appreciated.

A recent girls reunion trip to Phuket hit this message home for me. Each one of us brought our individual traits, preferences and  idiosyncrasies to the group since day 1 but not a single one of us ever fundamentally changed. We have evolved for sure, and yes we make compromises but we celebrate our differences through an interesting combination of discussion, debate and dissent. Perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder (we don’t all live in the same continent at the moment) but our early days of schooling together have definitely left its mark. As we swapped life stories, experiences, trials and tribulations, ‘gossip’, opinions and yes, a little bit of judgment (it’s impossible to not, we’re only human), I am grateful that our friendship survived all that has changed and all that has not!


As I look to the next decade of my life, I see all the wonderful high school friendships I’ve kept over the years and I am suddenly a-washed with gratitude and appreciation. You know who you are and you know what you mean to me. Thank you for being my friend and enriching my life with your presence.

As for this little group, I can’t think of a better group to belong to. Here’s to a friendship that will last a lifetime. Well – at least until we’re senile!!!

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