I have always loved driving…

...the only exception was my driving tests. I failed the slope test on my first try (my car rolled back as I failed to balance the clutch and gas pedals) and then screwed up the 3-point-turn on my second try (yes, possibly the easiest of trio of tests). I aced the parking test and practical … Continue reading I have always loved driving…


Solo Tripping @ 3 Mths: Part I

The biggest surprise I found about Motherhood, in those early days when V1 was still tiny, wasn't that she hated sleep. Because she did hate sleep. Gosh. Anyway, it was that my introduction to Motherhood felt strangely isolating. I wasn't expecting to feel this way given that I joined an NCT group of lovely new mummies and … Continue reading Solo Tripping @ 3 Mths: Part I

3D2N Paris, Baby! 1st Girlie Weekend Post Kids

This is for all mummies out there. I think it's time you took a break. Not just any break, but a girlie break, with a girlfriend (or three, depending on how you roll). Yes, it'll be difficult to arrange. Yes, your husband/mother/mother-in-law/aunties/uncles/every-Tom-Dick-Harry-Jane-Sue-Harriet might try to 'psycho' you out of going. But you owe it to … Continue reading 3D2N Paris, Baby! 1st Girlie Weekend Post Kids