Running Assessment – A Review

I'm ashamed to admit that an email that screamed "40% Off Running Assessment" from my local physiotherapists (Six Physio Fleet Street) had me signing up faster than you could say "boo". As I've just started running again, with a 10km race looming ahead, I felt that I could use a bit of advice on how … Continue reading Running Assessment – A Review


3D2N Paris, Baby! 1st Girlie Weekend Post Kids

This is for all mummies out there. I think it's time you took a break. Not just any break, but a girlie break, with a girlfriend (or three, depending on how you roll). Yes, it'll be difficult to arrange. Yes, your husband/mother/mother-in-law/aunties/uncles/every-Tom-Dick-Harry-Jane-Sue-Harriet might try to 'psycho' you out of going. But you owe it to … Continue reading 3D2N Paris, Baby! 1st Girlie Weekend Post Kids