My Sunday morning run internal monologue

06:00 (alarm goes off) Gahhhh....what's that!!! Oh right... 06:05 Feel stupid doing squats whilst brushing my teeth to activate my lazy glutes. But I do it anyway. 06:10 Sitting on the toilet bowl, praying that my bowels will open up. But nooo....pretty sure I'm constipated. Dammit. 06:15 Put on my gear, contemplating if I should … Continue reading My Sunday morning run internal monologue


A damsel in distress… not always in distress. It's difficult to not detest women who use a façade of fragility to get their way as these women tend to manipulate situations to the disadvantage of others. I used to fume pointlessly with the question of 'how could they live with themselves', but now I'm a little wiser and … Continue reading A damsel in distress…

Why I Blog

There are some days I feel so excited about something that has happened and I can't wait to share it with EVERYONE. IN. THE. WORLD. Then there are days I just want to crawl into my shower and weep the unimaginable heavy tugging I feel in my heart...out. I want someone to know I'm feeling the depths of despair.